5 Steps to Seeing the Miraculous

Let’s be honest, we all could use a miracle sometimes.  You may be facing a crisis right now that you just can’t get a handle on.

No matter what you try it’s not enough.  You’ve been going after this for a long time and tried everything you know.  And now you’re left still facing the emptiness and wondering, “Where’s God?”

A story of Jesus and Peter give us some steps and encouragement in seeing the miraculous.

The disciples are caught in a storm and about to drown on the Sea of Galilee.  Suddenly out of the darkness Jesus comes walking on the water.

Peter yells to Jesus, “Lord tell me to come to you.”

Jesus responds, “Come.”

So Peter scrambles over the side of the boat and starts walking on the water.  Suddenly he looks around, realizes what he’s doing and has second thoughts.

As he starts to sink he cries out, “Jesus save me.”

And he does.

A few key takeaways.

First, Peter asked Jesus for his invitation.  He didn’t tell Jesus what to do.  So, for us, first look in the Bible for God’s promise that solves your problem.

Second, when Jesus said “come” Peter focused only on that promise not on the impossibility of the challenge.

Third, Peter acted boldly on the offer Jesus made.

Fourth, Peter suddenly focused on the impossibility and lost sight of Jesus.  Then he started to sink.  Frankly, this will probably happen to us as well.  It’s part of the challenge.

Fifth, Peter gathered back up his faith and prayed boldly all over again.  He just wouldn’t give up and neither should we.

What I love about this story is that Peter faltered.  He even failed.   Yet, he was the one who climbed out of the boat and walked on the water.


(Matthew 14: 29-31)