6 Reasons I Believe Jesus is God

Many people believe God exists and desire a relationship with him. Numerous studies have shown this over and over.

Yet, the problem is which God? Which religion?


Photo Credit: Pim Geerts

Photo Credit: Pim Geerts


I’ve heard people say, “Well, they all lead to God.”

Yet, that’s kind of like saying just head off any direction and you’ll eventually end up in Honolulu. Hmm, sounds nice.

Literally all of the world’s major religions, not to mention the scores of sects, have tenets that directly contradict each other. So how can they all be correct?


Which leaves us back where we started with a deep craving to know if God is real. And if so how to have a relationship with him.


So Jesus comes on the scene 2000 years ago and says, “I am God and you can have a relationship with me.”

Wow, how preposterous is that? I mean seems a little egotistical doesn’t it?

Unless he truly is who he says.

After Jesus had performed some miracles he escaped from the religious authorities who were trying to kill him. Matthew writes, “He did this so as to make what God had said through the prophet Isaiah come true. ‘Here is my servant, whom I have chosen. I will send my Spirit upon him.’”*

Then he goes on and quotes the rest of the prophecy.


It caused me to think about some of the reasons why I believe Jesus is God and want to have a relationship with him.


Here are a few.

First, he fulfilled hundreds of prophecies given over hundreds of years before him by scores of writers of various cultures. Many of the prophecies seemed contradictory and impossible until Jesus fulfilled each one perfectly.

Second, out of all the major religions, Jesus alone claims to be God. All of the other religious founders claimed to be God’s prophet. So either Jesus is who he says or he’s crazy. He leaves no other option.

Third, he was born in a backwoods country in a time of no media. He lived 33 years never traveling more than a few miles from home. When he died he was followed by only a handful of people. He never held a government office. Never gave stadium filling speeches.

Yet, he literally changed the course of history.

Fourth, he was anti-religion. Religion says, “When you’re good enough then you can have a relationship with God.”

Jesus says, “You can never be good enough so I accept you as you are out of grace. Then after you enter into that relationship with me I’ll change you from the inside.”

Fifth, Jesus alone offers us an intimate relationship with God who loves us. He came to earth to show us that. And that relationship with him is unique among all religions.

Sixth, Jesus only asks that we accept his love. That’s it. No rules and no rituals to earn it.

Then he offers us the most amazing life we could ever imagine.


Jesus can be accepted or rejected but not ignored. He didn’t leave us that option.


What reasons do you have for believing in Jesus?
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*Matthew 12: 18-21 (GNT)