About the Blog

In college I first heard about God’s offer of a miraculous life and my life trajectory changed.

From that time on I’ve journeyed to discover the secrets of that amazing life.

I’ve made my share (probably more) of mistakes and sometimes questioned if those promises are real.

But through it all I’ve also tasted that amazing life.


Yet, there’s so much more to discover.


This blog is a place for those who want that miraculous life.  You may be successful or not.  You may go to church or be burned out on it.  But you hunger for something more.


You’ll find this isn’t about religion.


Frankly, I’m frustrated with religion, even Christian religion.  Rather it’s about growing in what I call “Christian Spiritually”.  Learning practical spiritual hacks for unleashing God’s miraculous power.


So, welcome.


Take a look around.

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Then I hope you’ll join the conversation.  Share your struggles and discoveries so we can encourage each other.

I look forward to getting to know you and together discovering the secrets of unleashing God’s miraculous life.

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