Amazing Power Now

“And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus.”  (Ephesians 2: 6 NIV)

So many people trudge through life defeated.

They’ve tried to accomplish great things.  Live their dreams.  Use their gifts.  Done what they’ve heard brings real success.

Yet, what happens?  Before long they hit roadblocks.  They find the journey far harder and way longer than they ever imagined.

Finally they ask themselves, “Why is it so much easier for others?

They think, “I’m just not talented or spiritual enough.  And I don’t have the time and energy.”

So they give up.

But you know what, the dream doesn’t die.  It gets buried but the embers still glow.  And it leaves them frustrated and wondering, “What if?”

Yet, this passage shows a different kind of life.  Frankly, I’ve read it many times before but it blew me away when I read it this time.  Guess my mom was wrong and I really am a little slow.

He says God has already, past tense, raised us up into a new life and spiritually we are currently seated beside Christ in the heavenly kingdom.  And his place?  The place of power at God the Father’s right hand.  And we’re seated there too.  In that place of power.

So I’ve wondered what would happen if we truly believed that?  If instead of focusing on the setbacks we focused on the power we have?

If we expected God to do amazing things through our lives because we’re filled with his power?

If we boldly prayed for his promised blessings and anticipated them taking place?

Would we see the same kind of power filled life Jesus lived?

I encourage you to reread that verse a couple times and ponder its implications as I have.

What have we got to lose except frustration?


When have you seen God’s power unleashed in your life?