Are You Feeling Overwhelmed and Tired? Discover Peace!

Do you ever get really tired?  I mean, deep down in your bones dog tired?

We all run at a frenetic pace don’t we?  Then add on top all the challenges that seem to pop up constantly.

Do you ever have days it seems the faster you run the behinder you get?  I do for sure.

That’s why I love what Jesus promised.

“Come to me, all of you who feel weary and overwhelmed and I will give your rest.”

Wow, exactly the prescription we need isn’t it?

And the thing I love about it is, there’s no five step list.  Like you need more to do anyway?

No just simply come to him.  And if you already have he says, “Keep coming back into my rest.”

He promises you’ll find peace deep in your soul that will give you rest.  You’ll find confidence that he is still in control of the challenges of your life even if they seem out of control to you.

In that confidence you will find rest, deep soul level rest.  And you can let the challenges fade until another day.

I’ve discovered the truth of this promise over and over.

Sometimes I just don’t know why it doesn’t stick better.


*Matthew 11:28