Encouragement Today: In the Darkness the Joy of Light Shines Brightest

The angel said to them, ‘Do not be afraid.  I bring you good news that will bring you great joy.’”  (Luke 2:10)

Today’s Promise:  In the midst of your darkness God’s joy shines brightest as you simply ask.

Today’s Prayer:  Father, thank you for your gift of joy that shines brightest in the darkness.  Flood my dark corners with it even now.  Amen.

Encouragement Today: The Key to Seeing the Impossible

“Elizabeth said, ‘Blessed is Mary because she believed what the Lord promised her he would accomplish.’”  (Luke 1:45)

Today’s Promise:  No matter your impossibility when you expect God to act all things become possible.

Today’s Prayer:  Father, I praise you that your power is greater than any of my challenges.  Help me to believe in your promises when I face the impossible so I may see them.  Amen.

Encouragement Today: How to See God’s Miraculous Promises

“Mary answered the angel, ‘Let it be with me as you have promised.’”  (Luke 1:38)

Today’s Promise:  God promises.  We ask.  God fulfills.  We rejoice.  End of story.

Today’s Prayer:  God, thank you for your promises that are greater than my challenges.  Let it be with me as you have promised.  Amen.

Encouragement Today: The Gift of Unimaginable Peace

“The angels sang, ‘Glory to God and peace to all people upon whom God’s blessings rest.’”  (Luke 2:14)

Today’s Promise:  Incomprehensible peace is the gift of God when you walk in his incomprehensible relationship.

Today’s Prayer:  Father, thank you for your gift of peace in my most stressful times.  Help me to feel it and live fully in it even today.  Amen.

Encouragement Today: You Can Walk with God Everyday

“The angel said, ‘Today in the town of David has been born for you, Christ the Lord.’”  (Luke 2:11)

Today’s Promise:  The way to a relationship with God is opened.  You simply need to enter in.

Today’s Prayer:  Lord, I praise you for that relationship opened to me through Jesus.  Help me live fully in it today and every day.  Amen.

Encouragement Today: When You Face the Impossible

“The angel said, ‘For nothing is impossible for God.’”  (Luke 1:37)

Today’s Promise:  When you face the impossible, trust in the one who promised, “Nothing is impossible.”

Today’s Prayer:  Thank you Father, you are the God of the possible.  Bring your power to my impossibilities.  Amen.

Encouragement Today: Have a Life That Goes On Forever

“The angel said, ‘Jesus will reign over his kingdom and it will never end.’”  (Luke 1:33)

Today’s Promise:  You can rest assured this life is not the end only the beginning when you rest in God’s love.

Today’s Prayer:  Father, thank you for your life that never ends.  Help me rest in that assurance.  Amen.

Encouragement Today: Unlimited Power for Your Greatest Need

“The angel said, ‘Jesus will be greater than all others and called the Son of the Most High.’”  (Luke 1:32)

Today’s Promise:  Jesus’ unlimited power transforms your greatest need when you ask and expect.

Today’s Prayer:  Lord enter into my most challenging need.  Show me your unlimited power.  Amen.

Encouragement Today: Never Be Afraid Again

“The angel said, ‘Do not be afraid.  God has given his favor to you.’”  (Luke 1:30)

Today’s Promise:  When you receive God’s favor nothing and no one can truly harm you.

Today’s Prayer:  Lord, help me not to be afraid.  Help me focus on your unconquerable power instead.  Amen.

Encouragement Today: You Are Never Alone

“The angel said, ‘Greetings, you are favored by God.  The Lord is with you.’” (Luke 1:28)

Today’s Promise:  When you live in God’s favor you are never out of his presence.

Today’s Prayer:  Father, thank you for your continual love.  Help me continually feel your presence.  Amen.