Encouragement Today: The Key to Seeing the Impossible

“Elizabeth said, ‘Blessed is Mary because she believed what the Lord promised her he would accomplish.’”  (Luke 1:45)

Today’s Promise:  No matter your impossibility when you expect God to act all things become possible.

Today’s Prayer:  Father, I praise you that your power is greater than any of my challenges.  Help me to believe in your promises when I face the impossible so I may see them.  Amen.

Encouragement Today: How to See God’s Miraculous Promises

“Mary answered the angel, ‘Let it be with me as you have promised.’”  (Luke 1:38)

Today’s Promise:  God promises.  We ask.  God fulfills.  We rejoice.  End of story.

Today’s Prayer:  God, thank you for your promises that are greater than my challenges.  Let it be with me as you have promised.  Amen.

Encouragement Today: When You Face the Impossible

“The angel said, ‘For nothing is impossible for God.’”  (Luke 1:37)

Today’s Promise:  When you face the impossible, trust in the one who promised, “Nothing is impossible.”

Today’s Prayer:  Thank you Father, you are the God of the possible.  Bring your power to my impossibilities.  Amen.

Encouragement Today: Unlimited Power for Your Greatest Need

“The angel said, ‘Jesus will be greater than all others and called the Son of the Most High.’”  (Luke 1:32)

Today’s Promise:  Jesus’ unlimited power transforms your greatest need when you ask and expect.

Today’s Prayer:  Lord enter into my most challenging need.  Show me your unlimited power.  Amen.

Encouragement Today: Never Be Afraid Again

“The angel said, ‘Do not be afraid.  God has given his favor to you.’”  (Luke 1:30)

Today’s Promise:  When you receive God’s favor nothing and no one can truly harm you.

Today’s Prayer:  Lord, help me not to be afraid.  Help me focus on your unconquerable power instead.  Amen.

Encouragement Today: Help For When You Feel Like You’re Drowning

“When you pass through deep waters I will be with you; when you cross raging rivers they will not sweep you away.”  (Isaiah 43:2)

Prayer:  Father, you’re with me even when I feel like I’m drowning.  Thank you.  Be with me now.

Encouragement Today: Miracles Beyond Your Imagination

“Now to him who is able to do far more than we can ask or imagine, by his power that works within us.”  (Ephesians 3:20)

Prayer:  Lord, thank you for your miracles, beyond my imagination.  Let me see your unimaginable power.

Encouragement Today: You are Safe No Matter What You Face

“The Lord will keep you from all evil; he will watch over you throughout your life.”  (Psalm 121:7)

Prayer:  Father, I praise you for your constant protection.  Protect me now from those who would hurt me.

Encouragement Today: Blessed with Sleep and While You Sleep

“It is useless to get up early and stay up late anxiously striving, for God gives blessings to those he loves even while they sleep.” (Psalm 127:2)

Prayer:  Lord, thank you that you bless me even while I sleep.  Give me your rest and blessings.

Encouragement Today: God’s Power and Promises Never Change

“Jesus Christ is always the same, yesterday, today and forever.”  (Hebrews 13:8)

Prayer:  Jesus, thank you that your love and promises never change.  Help me rest in that assurance.