Discovering Encouragement in the Midst of Our Most Difficult Struggles

As we looked at in the previous post, sometimes we all face struggles when it just seems like God has left on vacation. I mean we’re struggling with something really tough yet it seems like God has deserted us doesn’t it?

It leaves us feeling frustrated and angry at God as well as very alone.

Yet, from a story about Jesus which we looked at, we saw when the people proactively sought Jesus out it changed their trajectory.

I love what the story then says, “When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them and healed their sick.”*

Wow, suddenly Jesus focuses completely on them. Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel like we have that same focus from him?

Personally, I find the details of this story encouraging.

When Jesus landed he saw the crowd who’d followed him on foot. Suddenly they became the most important thing to him.

No matter what we go through we may feel all alone but we’re not. Jesus sees us and our struggle.

Then he had compassion on them. Literally he wept with empathy.

Whatever we’re going through God weeps with empathy for us too. He loves us like a father loves his child. When his child hurts he hurts as well.

Then Jesus acted. No empty, “I feel your pain” political slogan. He no fooling got involved.

He acts in our lives as well. No matter what we’re facing he not only hurts with us but will do something about it. In fact he already is even when we don’t realize it.

Finally, Jesus healed, miraculously. His power can overcome any challenge. Friends may stand alongside us and that’s incredibly important. But Jesus can actually solve our most difficult struggles.

What could we possible go through beyond that?


*Matthew 14:13-14 (NIV)