Do You Face the Impossible?

We all face challenges at times that seem impossible don’t we?  We’ve struggled and worried yet the problem persists.

Yet, no challenge is impossible for God.  He created us and everything in our lives.  So if he created all things what challenge in his creation could be greater than his power to solve it?

Jesus responded to a challenge, “With people this is impossible but with God all things are possible.”*

I was struggling with several challenges and frankly by the end of the year just felt spent.  I grew depressed and just wanted to give up, find a cave to crawl into and sleep until it all went away.

Slowly though ideas came about the inherent problems and some possible solutions.  Further clarity continues to light.

I came back to just resting in God for the answers because that’s all I had.  Trusting that he had a plan and he would reveal it to me in time.  Believing he’d guided me this far and wouldn’t let me down now.

What seems impossible to us opens the door to God’s possibilities.

*Matthew 19: 26