Do You Face the Impossible? Good News!

What do you face that seems overwhelming?  What challenge looms larger than your abilities?

Maybe a health challenge?  A financial challenge?  A marital challenge?  A family challenge?

And you’ve worked hard on it, you really have.  Yet, nothing seems to work.  And the challenge remains.

And now you’re worn out and worried.

Well there’s good news.

When we reach the end of our abilities we enter the realm of seeing God’s.  When we have no more we can do then we see what God can do.

Paul wrote, “”If God is for us who can stand against us?”

I encourage you to make that personal and say, “If God is with me who or what can overcome me?”

See, your power may fail.  Your solutions may come up short.

But God’s power is unlimited.  He knows the end from the beginning.

And God loves you with an unfailing love that simply will not be conquered.

So, if you’ve entered into that relationship with him then rest in that promise.

If you’ve never entered into that relationship then simply ask, right now.

Then no matter what you face you can say with confidence, “God is with me and nothing and no one can overcome me.”

*Romans 8:31