Do You Need God’s Miracle and His Guidance?

Have you ever faced a challenge when you just wished you could see a God work a miracle and hear him speak?

Or more frustrating have you ever had a time you experienced that and now you’re facing a struggle but God seems to have left on vacation?

I can personally say yes to both.


Photo Credit: Frederic Poirot

Photo Credit: Frederic Poirot


I went through a serious medical challenge about eight years ago that was misdiagnosed and left me debilitated. Yet I watched as God arranged “coincidences” in miraculous ways and spoke to my heart which eventually led to my full recovery.

Fast forward to today. Honestly, when I write most mornings, I sense God’s leading. In fact sometimes I’m surprised by where posts come out. Although I would guess sometimes God’s probably surprised by what I come up with also.

Yet, to be honest I’m also frustrated with my blog at times. It continues to grow but excruciatingly slow. I pray regularly for God to show me how to grow it fast. Yet, what do I get?

Well, actually I do sense one answer, “Wait.” But frankly I don’t like that answer. I don’t do waiting well. And no don’t ask my wife.


So, it causes me to question again, “Why do I sometimes see God act and hear his quiet voice? And other times he seems to have left the building?”


Well if you’re reading this post hoping for a fool proof formula you might as well go grab a cup of coffee.

But in the midst of this I again read what Jesus so cryptically said, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear!”*

I know there’s a deep answer in that statement because it pops up regularly. But frankly I’d find it more helpful if it was a little clearer.

Yet, I think it means that when we expect to hear and see God we have better odds of doing so.

I look back on those times when I’ve clearly experienced that and realize I was expecting him to act. Maybe because I had no other choice. But I really expected him to honor his promises to guide me and solve the seemingly unsolvable.

So frankly I looked for his intervention. I listened for his answers.


And you know what? He showed up.


So why don’t I see and hear him at other times?

I’m not sure but perhaps sometimes I don’t like his answer. Like “wait.”

Or perhaps sometimes I really want to go my own way and just want him to bless it.

Or perhaps sometimes I’m too busy solving the issues myself that I don’t take time to listen.

Or perhaps I’m fixing it on my own and don’t feel I really need his help.

But I do know when I am at a place that none of those work and I finally say, “Ok God. I really need your miracle and your guidance now.” He always answers.


We truly can see God and hear his voice when we honestly look and listen for him.


What have you found?

Please let me know on Facebook, Twitter or email me.  Blessings.


*Matthew 11: 15 (NKJV)