Do You Need to Refill Your Happiness?

Have you ever you felt just empty inside?  I mean like you’re drained and have nothing left?  Your energy and joy are dissipated?

Maybe you’ve slogged against an immovable challenge.  Maybe you feel alone because of the loss of a loved one or a broken relationship.

And no matter how hard you work nothing changes and you finally just feel empty.

I’ve felt that, way too many times.  Particularly before I entered into a relationship with Jesus.

But I can tell you when I entered into that relationship something changed.  I felt a joy and peace and love that filled me in a way I never imagined.  And it continues to this day, though it can get a bit leaky occasionally.

 Jesus promised, “The water I give will become like a spring of water bubbling up into real life now and eternally.”

Jesus spoke these words to a woman who responded astutely, “Please give me this water so I won’t get thirsty ever again.”

That’s the only way you receive it and refresh it.  But it’s also that simple.

Then it will bubble up into peace and joy and love like you’ve can’t imagine.

And assurance you’re filled with God now and will live with him forever. 

Please pass me that water.


*John 4:14