Enjoy Success and Prosperity When You’re Overwhelmed with Problems

We live in a confusing and challenging world don’t we?  Seems like every day something new pops up.

And when it doesn’t you worry it will.

You go to the doctor for a minor ache and he gives you that concerned look.

The business where you work gets bought out and needs to downsize.

The transmission in your 8 year old Honda starts making a funny noise that you pretend you can’t hear.

You look forward to a great retirement and find out you saved too little and invested poorly.

Yet, in the midst, God gives a promise that at first seems too simplistic.  Yet, I’ve found those are the best kind.  Even I can understand them.

“Meditate on my word continually then you’ll prosper and succeed.”

See sometimes, I think, we make things way more complicated than needed.

God simply says, “Take my word and infuse it into your mind.”

Then you gain confidence.  You look at life through the lens of his promises rather than your challenges.

You gain insight.  You see answers rather than only questions.

And God guides your mind along the path he wants you to take.

Then he promises you will prosper and succeed.

And why not?  God your father delights in blessing you his child.

Sure beats worrying doesn’t it?


*Joshua 1:8