Enjoy the Confidence of Heaven When You’re Scared to Death of Hell

I’ve sat through way too many church services where the preacher at the end gave an altar call.  Then I’d see some of the same people going forward again to make sure they were still saved.

I’d think, “These are the nicest people I know.  If they’re lost I’m toast.”

Some who long ago should have been filled with joyful anticipation of Heaven lived their lives in fear of hell.

See Jesus settled that question.  Yet his answer is ignored for some unexplainable reason.

He said, “I give them eternal life, not one will perish, and no one will take them away from me.”

Ok, so what part seems nebulous?  I don’t see the cracks we can fall through.

So instead of living your life in fear you get to live it in love and joy.

Instead of fearing hell you get to anticipate Heaven.

Instead of striving to please a gotcha type of God.  You love him and others with the love he’s given you.

Is it time to settle that issue once and for all?

Then simply ask for and accept God’s gift of eternal life.  Then from now on choose to live in confidence of it, never doubting again.

It will transform your life.

No cracks!


*John 10:28