Experiencing Life the Way God Designed It for You

All of us face challenges at times that seem unsolvable. We search for answers yet stare at brick walls. Maybe shoot up a prayer but hear only silence.

Yet contrast that with a promise Jesus gave, “Their eyes would see, their ears would hear, their minds would understand.”*

Wow, who wouldn’t like a little of that?

Our eyes will see. We’ll see his miracles. We’ll see clearly his path.

Our ears will hear. Not to get too woo-woo sounding, but I’ve had a few times when facing critical choices I sensed God talking to me. Not an audible voice, but rather like a voice deep inside me speaking to my mind.

Either that or I’m just hearing things but I don’t think so.

Our minds will understand. Frankly, I think all of us would like some clear understanding fairly often.

I don’t know about you, but I find this promise pretty remarkable. And to be honest I’ve experienced all of it on occasion. Often not as much as I wish but I think those times I just got in the way.

I wonder what God would show us if we just asked then truly expected his answer?


*Matthew 13:14 (GNT)