Experiencing Unlimited Power

Every summer I meet with a group of my high school buds that I graduated with at a mini-reunion. What a great time.

I started it a few years ago because a couple of our buds died unexpectedly way too young. I thought there’s no reason to wait.

Every year it causes me to think back on the dreams we each had. And how life has taken unexpected paths. Some good, some difficult.


Health issues, career setbacks, death of loved ones. Things that can derail us.

Challenges each of us face. And as a result we can end up with lives of frustration or fulfillment depending on our response.

Yet, I believe we don’t need to go through them alone. We have a power available to us that can guide, heal and work miracles.

An unlimited power that is limited only by our expectation.

Paul writes, “He who descended is the very one who ascended higher than all the heavens, in order to fill the whole universe.” (Ephesians 4: 10 NIV)

In the previous verse he talks about Jesus as God who loves us enough he descended to earth and even to the regions of death to be with us.


Now he shows us the power of the one we believe in and the power we can experience in our lives.

First, resurrection power. Jesus not only died for us but he came back to life. The tomb was empty. Even his enemies admitted he wasn’t there.

And if God can work that greatest of all miracles can’t he work a miracle in your life?

Second, Jesus ascended to Heaven. On earth he was limited by time and space. Now his power is unlimited. He is the one true God. Above every other power human or spiritual. And that unlimited power is offered by the God who loves you enough he came to earth.

What could happen if you expected that power to work in your life and challenges?

And third, he fills the whole universe. There is nowhere and nothing outside of his power. There is no problem you have beyond his ability to solve.

What change would it make if you fully expected God to intercede in your challenges today?


God’s unlimited power in our lives is limited only by our expectation.  (Tweet)


When have you seen God’s unlimited power work in your life?