Find Peace When You’ve Been Attacked and are Powerless to Win

We’ve all had times we’ve been treated unfairly.  Perhaps in your marriage, job, family or a friendship, someone you trusted attacked you.

Yet, you felt powerless to defend yourself because they held the power.  It left you knowing you ought to forgive but feeling more like you’d rather slap them, of course in the most spiritual way.

What do you do when you simply can’t win?

David writes, “For evil men will be cut off, but those who hope in the Lord will inherit the land.”

I had this happen recently and when I reread this promise I thought, “Yes, that’s it.”

See no matter what power that person has it pales in comparison to God’s.

And God promises success and prosperity, what the promise land meant.

So when you hope in God for that, you can rest that eventually he’ll provide it.  No matter how powerful your attacker they can’t thwart one ounce of God’s promise.

When I came back to resting in that I discovered good in the midst.  I have confidence that they may have one this skirmish but God will win the war.

And for today that’s enough.

Well, actually I still want to slap him, but in the most spiritual way.


*Psalm 37:9 (NIV)