Finding Joy When You’re Overwhelmed with Grief

I’ve stood by too many grave sides talking about the one who left too soon.  Memories flood my mind.  Tears well up in my eyes and spill down my cheeks.

Sometimes I’ve thought, “If I could just have one more hour.”

But of course I can’t.  And it wouldn’t be enough.

You’ve felt the same I know.

As has been said, “None of us get out of this alive.”

That’s why I love this promise of Jesus about Heaven.

“God will wipe away every tear.  There will be no more death, grief, crying or pain.  The old way has ended.”

This life is not the end of your story.  The dawn is just breaking.

As we simply accept God’s gift he gives it.  He says, “Join me my child.  Live with me and those you love forever.”

Then you rest in the comfort that you’ll get to spend that extra hour with that one you love.  Heck, you’ll get to spend a gazillion hours.

Actually, with a few loved ones, that might be just a smidge too much.

No loved one will ever leave again.  No more tears or grief or pain.

Hey, and you get to live there also.

Oh, and me too.  Not sure how I got so lucky but I’m not asking.


*Revelation 21:4