God Rocks #2: Peace When You Hurt

Part of the new series “God Rocks:  101 Amazing Everyday Gifts!”  Stories of the awesome blessings and promises God gives us each day.  I hope it encourages you today!


We stood singing during the worship service Sunday morning. In front of me were two twenty-something women deep in conversation. As the rest of us sang they continued to talk only occasionally glancing up at the worship leaders.

I thought, “What you can’t just stop talking long enough to at least worship? Why did you bother to come? Why not just go out for a cup of coffee instead of distracting everyone else?”

Photo by Andrey

Photo by Andrey

My thought vibes evidently didn’t connect because they never even paused.

I grew more aggravated.

Then I realized I wasn’t worshiping because I was focusing on them. That irritated me even more.

But suddenly I thought, “Something isn’t right here. Something else is going on. One or both are hurting and that’s why they can’t worship God right now. Maybe they’re angry at him. Or just hurting too much. And that’s why they’re deep in conversation. But thankfully they’re here.”

So I quietly prayed, “God bring your peace and healing to them whatever their need.”

And two miracles occurred.

First, suddenly I wasn’t upset anymore. They didn’t distract me any longer. And I noticed those around them didn’t seem bothered at all. So I was able to re-engage in the rest of the worship time. And that brought me the peace and joy I look forward to in worship.

Second, late in the service as the pastor finished his message he told a heart touching personal story. When we stood to sing one last song I looked at the two women and one of them was dabbing her eyes. As we sang she continued wiping away tears as she sang. Then she turned to her friend and hugged her for a long time. And left before the service concluded.

God had met her there in her pain whatever it was and touched her.

It’s what Jesus promised, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” (Matthew 5:4 NIV)

A promise all of us need. Because we’ll all have those times.

And that’s why I find that gift…


How has God brought you peace in an amazing way?

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