God Rocks #7: Unthinkable Peace in the Midst of Grief

Part of the series “God Rocks: 101 Amazing Everyday Gifts!” Stories and promises of the awesome blessings God gives us each day. I hope it encourages you today!


All of us suffer losses. The loss of a loved one, the devastation of a divorce, the implosion of a career, a financial collapse.

And it leaves us reeling. Shocked at first. Then devastated as reality sets in. Angry at God or someone else. And finally depressed when we realize we can’t turn back the loss.



Photo by renu parkhl

Photo by renu parkhl



Some of you maybe in the midst of this mourning right now.


Grief overwhelms you. You’ve fought it but now you’re just numb. And you don’t know the way back out to the sunshine.

For you today and for each of us who’ve suffered loss and will again Jesus makes one of his most riveting promises.

“Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted.” (Matthew 5: 4 NIV)

Notice what he doesn’t promise, a life without loss. Instead he prepares us for those times that inevitably come and gives us an amazing promise.


As we trust in him in the midst of our grief to be with us and to bring us his peace he does.


When we expect his presence and anticipate his touch of love he is there.


And look at what he gives.


First, we’ll be comforted.

We’ll discover a peace that’s unthinkable given our circumstances. He fills us with a sense of calm and rest that goes beyond anything we can give ourselves.


Second, Jesus points to the intimate relationship we can have with him.

I’ve found in times of loss I’ve felt God’s presence in ways that I simply haven’t felt in other times.

And no, of course, I don’t want to go through those times of loss. But in the midst of the darkness that gift glows like a candle.


Third, he says we’ll be blessed.

Not only by the gifts we’ve already looked at but also as God’s power enters our loss and we see him creating it into something good. Turning our grief into joy eventually as we see the blessing God created out of our hurt.


And fourth, we realize our losses are not permanent.

As God’s child we’ll see our loved ones again. This life on earth isn’t all there is thankfully. And we’ll rejoice in a place of no more loss and tears.

And that brings us the greatest blessing of all.


In our loss we can discover God’s greatest gifts.


How have you experienced God’s supernatural peace in a time of loss?