Growing Together into Greatness

The “Lone Ranger” Christian perspective flat out doesn’t work. The individualist who alone with God conquers life is a myth.

Yet, it seems particularly in the west that’s become our focus.

People enter into a relationship with Jesus and many gravitate to a mega-church. It’s easy, fun and there’s no commitment. Just show up, listen to a good message and great music then go home.  I mean what’s not to like?

For a while it even works. It’s new and exciting.

But then life happens, some issue blindsides them and suddenly it’s not enough.


And being the rugged individualist believer stops working.

So they think, “Maybe I need a different church.” Or they may give up all together.

What happened?


Frankly, we need other believers in our lives.

And we each have a part to play in helping one another navigate through this chaotic thing called life.

Paul writes, “From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.” (Ephesians 4: 16 NIV)


Let’s look at what happens when each of us use the gifts we’ve been given to help each other.

First, we’ll be joined and fit together with other believers. It is a carpentry term. It pictures a beautiful piece of furniture crafted and fit together perfectly. That’s God’s design for our lives and his church as well.

Second, as we do that we give each other strength. Let’s face it each of us have down times. We get blasted by the unexpected that leaves us reeling. This is when having other believers in your life makes a huge difference. They step in at just the right time with the right words or even just a hug that gives you the strength to press on.

Third, we’ll help each other grow. We’ll grow strong and help others grow strong as well. We’re there loving and building each other up. Supporting, praying and helping guide each other. And together we grow strong and effective.

It’s the picture of a healthy body, functioning at peak performance with each of us participating in it and benefiting from it.

Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening around me much. But I think it’s worth the effort to find and help build.


Not alone but together do we grow into greatness.  {Tweet}


When have you seen the body functioning like this?