Hearing God When You Need It Most

We all have times when it would be nice to just hear clearly from God wouldn’t it?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “You know, I’ve never heard God. I don’t know why I pray. I’m not sure he’s there.”

And you know, I believe them.

Yet frankly, as we looked at previously, God won’t yell through the chaos that engulfs our lives most of the time.

Only when we take time to truly quiet down and listen will we hear his voice.

Jesus modeled this over and over.

When his cousin John was murdered he left the crowds and went to a remote place to be alone. There God helped him sort things out.*

When he needed to choose the disciples, who would carry on his mission, he spent a night by himself in prayer and God gave him the list.

When he faced execution he spent several hours in prayer and God gave him courage.

When he was exhausted and feeling overwhelmed he went apart by himself and God restored him.

God promises we can hear from him in the same way.

What might happen if we slowed down long enough to listen?


*Matthew 14: 13