How Do You Find Peace and Joy in the Midst of This Discontented World?

Anti-depressant drugs bring billions of dollars annually to drug companies.  Drug addictions to prescription and illegal drugs run rampant.

How can we live in the most affluent society in history yet so many are depressed and need to escape?

How can people become so despondent because they’re the only one of their friends who doesn’t have the latest smart phone with faster texting?  I guess because they can’t get as much texting done while driving.

I don’t fully know the reason but I do know the cure.

Paul writes, “Don’t be conformed any longer to the ways of this world but be transformed by renewing your mind.”

See it all starts in your mind.  So how do you transform it?

First, as you trust your life to God and ask him to change you.

He transforms your mind.  Oh, not all at once, actually that might scare your friends.  But he does it over time.  Your hopes rearrange, your values shift and your contentment expands.

Then as you continue to focus on God’s promises, that he will provide for and walk with you, your mind changes.

You discover peace and joy in the midst of this discontented world.

Then you’ll know you’ve been transformed, from the inside out.

I have and you will too.

Personally I’m all in for denting the drug companies’ profits.


*Romans 12:2