How Do You Find Peace in this Hurtful and Chaotic World?

Does it ever feel like the bad guys are running the world and you’re a helpless pawn caught in some cosmic chess match?

I mean all the fighting and wars and corruption in government and business.  Someone else keeps winning and you keep getting the short straw.

Maybe you don’t need to look that far away.  There’s enough chaos and hurt going on in your life that you stop and wonder at times, “Will this madness ever end?”

Well, I have good news and less than good news.  The less than good news is it probably won’t completely end.

The good news is God wins.

David writes, “For the power of the wicked will be broken, but the Lord upholds the righteous.”

See God looks at those sowing hurt and says, “Their time is coming.”

Then he looks at you and says, “I see your hurts.  I love you and will take care of you.”

I look back occasionally at some with power who chose to hurt me.  Today, they’re gone or their power is dissipated.  And God just continues to bless my life.

The lesson I’ve learned continually is to trust a lot more in God’s power and love.  And to fret a lot less.

Now that’s a trade I win.


*Psalm 37:17 (NIV)