How to Overcome Doubts to be Sure of Heaven

When I first entered into a relationship with God my life radically changed. It felt new, positive, uplifting. I looked forward to the adventure of this life and the one to come.

Yet, by the time I’d finished seminary it’d gone south. Sounds strange I know, but I was filled with doubts and worries. My spiritual life had become a nightmare.


Photo Credit: Tommy Clark

Photo Credit: Tommy Clark


One incident epitomizes this.

While having lunch with another student one afternoon, I asked him, “So do you believe a person can lose his salvation?”

“Absolutely,” he responded. “If he sins and hasn’t asked for forgiveness he would lose it.”

“Really,” I asked. “So let’s say I’m driving home after classes and a hot looking girl is walking down the sidewalk wearing a tight miniskirt and I have just the smallest lustful thought about her.”

I know you’re shocked thinking that could never possibly happen to someone in seminary.

“So I’m distracted, run a red light and get broadsided killing me instantly. Am I going to Heaven?”


Yikes, no wonder I felt depressed and frankly couldn’t wait to graduate.


I felt trapped. I couldn’t go back to my old way of life and I was suffocating in the new.


Over the next year I found my way back out of the darkness. I realized once we enter into God’s family we never stop being his child.


Jesus promised. “Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven.” *


When God entered my life it changed. I wanted to share my joy with those I cared about. It’s only natural. We do it all the time don’t we?

Jesus promised that when I was changed to that degree I knew my life was truly changed. And that gave me confidence God accepted me into his family.


That gives me amazing peace about Heaven.


No, I’m not ready to go yet. But I have confidence that I will some day. Not because I’m perfect. Or prayed the right prayers at the right time. Or followed the right religious doctrine.

No I’m part of his family simply because I asked.

And I can rest in peace about it because Jesus promised that I could.


My assurance of Heaven is not based on living perfectly. It’s based on God accepting me as perfect.


How have you found this to be true?

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*Matthew 10:32 (NIV)