How to Build the Foundation for an Extraordinary Life

I find life confusing at times.  And often my spiritual life.

So I read spiritual gurus.  But I find most write primarily out of their experience?  Even popular Christian writers.

No doubt their discoveries have helped them personally and sometimes are quite insightful.  But they don’t necessarily work for everyone all the time.

I can head off on their trail and sometimes hit a dead end because we’re just wired up differently.

And occasionally I’ve read something later by the same writer completely at odds with their previous writing.  And I wonder, “Did anyone else get the memo?”

It’s no wonder we stumble around with spiritual growth.

Frankly, we need more of a foundation than that.  Living effectively is tricky.  And we only get one shot.

So how do we build that foundation?

Paul writes, “You are like a building that was built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets. Christ Jesus himself is the most important stone in that building.”  (Ephesians 2:20 NCV)

Okay, so how do we apply that?  I’ll tell you what I do.

First, to keep from getting legalistic, I constantly remind myself that this extraordinary life is given by God as a gift even when I mess up.  And let me tell you I mess up.  But this keeps me grounded.

Second, I implant God’s word in my mind every day.  In bed, just before I go to sleep, I read my Bible for a few minutes.  No Bible study I just let the words seep into my mind and subconscious.

Then third, as I’m confronted with decisions I listen to my heart.  I sense God’s leading.  Not legalistically but simply following where I feel his peace.

I’ve found those three steps have done more to give me a strong foundation for living effectively than anything else.  And that’s paid huge returns in life.


A solid life is built on a solid foundation.


What do you do to build a strong foundation?