How to Discover Answers When Faced with Confusion

We all experience confusing times. Well, at least I do. Probably more than my share.

We get blindsided by something unexpected. Suddenly our world turns upside down and we’re scrambling to work our way out of the mess.

Yet Jesus, as we looked at previously, promises us clarity.

So why don’t we see more of it?

Jesus gives us a clue, “They would turn to me and I would heal them.”*

You might be thinking, “I’m spiritually focused. I pray. I’ve been baptized. I even go to church sometimes.”

But Jesus says simply, “Turn to me.”

See I find we can stuff our lives full of activities that we figure will cause God to act in positive ways.

But Jesus says simply, “Strip away all the activities. Strip away all the fool proof formulas. Strip away all the stuff. And just turn to me.”

And I’ve found when I finally stop, turn to him and look for his answers they come.

Then he brings about what he promises when he says, “I will heal them.”

Literally he’s saying, “I will make them whole so nothing is missing from their life.”

Now that’s what I want.


*Matthew 13:15 (GNT)