How to Discover the Real Life You’ve Been Looking For

I find life often a paradox. Discovering a truly fulfilling life can be at times counter-intuitive.

I have friends, who by the world’s standards, have made it. They own businesses, have investments, live in big houses and drive expensive cars.

Yet, their lives are messy. Multiple marriages, health struggles, scant real friends and surprising insecurities.


Photo Credit: Gavin Clarke

Photo Credit: Gavin Clarke


I have other friends who would be considered perhaps less than the elite. They have middle class jobs, moderate IRA’s, live in tract homes and drive older mid-level cars.

Yet, they have a richness of life. Long time marriages, loving families, good friends and reasonable health.


So, sometimes I ask myself why, because frankly I’ve experienced both.


And sometimes I even find myself slipping back into a less than productive lifestyle.

Oh, thankfully not the divorce part. I’ve said, “I couldn’t ever imagine marrying someone else because I just can’t go through the training up period again.”

But what makes the difference?

Jesus answered that question with a riddle which I find both mysterious and captivating.

He said, “The one who finds his life will lose it. And the one who loses his life to me will find it.”*

That statement has so many layers I won’t even try to unravel it all.


But it causes me to ask myself a few questions.


Am I truly asking for God’s leading or am I simply following my own path and hoping for his blessing?

Am I trusting in God to fulfill my life or am I only relying on my own ingenuity?

Am I trusting God to take care of me or am I trusting solely in my own abilities?

Am I content with what I have or am I always striving for more?

Is my relationship with God the core of my life or is it something I just dabble with?

These questions help me get to the heart of the matter. They help me clarify it.

I love what Jesus promises when we sort this out. He says then we’ll discover the real life we’ve been looking for all along.

A life filled with all the fullness we’ve wanted. One that begins now and goes on forever just getting better.


We can strive to give ourselves life and never find it. Or we can look to the only one who truly gives it and be surprised.


How have you found this to be true?

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* Matthew 10:39