How to Face Down a Storm of Life

We all get blindsided by storms in life don’t we?  Everything is running along smoothly when suddenly we’re swept up in a storm beyond our control and ability to solve?

In the story we looked at previously the disciples are in the middle of the Sea of Galilee, sailing at night when a nor’easter swoops down on them unexpectedly.  They’re struggling in a gale worried about joining their friends who’d lost their lives in the same situation.

Yet, just when it seems bleakest Jesus comes walking to them on the water.

Interestingly though the storm keeps raging.  Jesus didn’t immediately calm it.

Perhaps they had something to learn.  Perhaps we do too?

Jesus said to them, “Take courage.  Don’t be afraid.  It’s me.”

First, take on courage.

See at this point we have a choice.  We can thrash around in fear or we can choose to rest in God’s power.  We can choose to expect God to act or we can choose to let the storm overpower us.

Second, we do this by focusing on Jesus.  Look at him instead of the storm.  Trust him that he can calm the storm.

Third, look for God’s answer.

The disciples almost missed seeing Jesus.  They thought he was a ghost.  They weren’t expecting him.

How often does God come to calm the storms in our lives yet in a surprising way that we don’t expect?

Then he took power over the storm and subdued it.  Just as he will for us.


*Matthew 14: 24-26