How to Find Happiness When Bad News is Getting You Down

I write on another website some posts that are a bit edgy.  And sometimes I get myself in trouble.  Yeah I know, what a surprise.

Some readers, who I would guess are fundamentalist Christians, miss my offbeat humor and seem less than supportive, shall we say.

Sometimes it causes me to think, “Why would anyone from the outside looking on want to be a Christian?  I mean, if I want to feel depressed  I can turn on the news.”

We don’t need religious bad news added on top do we?

Yet, that contrasts with what Jesus promised.

He said, “I have told you these things so my joy will be in you and your joy will be full.”

Wait, what?  We’re supposed to actually find joy in our relationship with Jesus?  Who knew?

See he doesn’t take us out of this world of bad news.  But instead fills us up with so much good news it can’t help but spill out in joy.  Think about how attractive that would be.

Well and frankly, how much more fun.

And just because we listen to what he promises and actually just expect them.

Now that’s something to get happy about.

A couple of readers from the other website I hope read this.


*John 15:11