How to Discover Peace and Power When You Feel Helpless

Have you ever been personally attacked?

Maybe not physically, though that could be true.  But certainly verbally and emotionally.

And attacked by someone you trusted?  Someone who had power over you like a boss, parent or spouse?

How did you feel?  Angry, hurt, vengeful, helpless?

I’d guess all of those and more than once.  Welcome to life.

Yet when we stew in our anger we damage ourselves more than the other person.  Kind of like slapping yourself to get back at who slapped you.  Not exactly effective.

That’s what I love about this verse after David talks about being helplessly attacked.

“But the meek will inherit the land and enjoy great peace.”

Wait, what? You mean when you stop fighting back you find peace?

See the word meek doesn’t mean wimp.  It means trusting in someone who does have the power.

Kind of like facing down an attacker in school when a bunch of your buddies walk up.  Suddenly you’re the big man on campus.

Only God is your powerful buddy.  So when you trust in his power you find peace.

And confidence that no matter how powerful your adversary they can’t keep you from God’s promises.

Nice to remember when you feel overpowered.  Remember, whose buddy is biggest.


*Psalm 37:11 (NIV)