How to Hear God When You Need It Most

I’ve found out the hard way God won’t interrupt my busyness. He won’t compete for my attention.

I’ve built several businesses and a church. So I know about pressurized life.

Yet, I’ve learned that no matter how great the demands I need to carve out time to listen if I wanted to hear God’s quiet inner voice.

While I fix breakfast I pray and listen. No TV, no radio.

While driving to my office the same thing.

On the weekends I get away from my computer, phone and TV. As I’m working around the house I can pray, think and listen.

In the evening while I’m getting ready for bed I read my Bible for a few minutes and often just ponder the day.

See I think we all have plenty of opportunities to be quiet enough to hear God. But we need to proactively set aside time for it.

Even Jesus had to. After he heard that his cousin John had been murdered he went in a boat on the Sea of Galilee to a remote area to be alone with God.*

Maybe that’s why he heard from God and often we don’t.


*Matthew 14: 13