How to Help Each Other Grow Successful

I get frustrated sometimes seeing Christians who’ve been believers for years struggle and fail with the most basic spiritual issues.


I’ve said, “They don’t have years of experience. They have one experience repeating itself over years.”

In other words they never grow up. They trip on the same challenges. Make the same mistakes. Keep responding to issues in the same ineffective ways.

Many go to church regularly and are involved. Some are church leaders and teachers.

And what’s really terrifying? Some are pastors and denominational leaders.

What’s happened? Where did they go off the rails?

Paul answers, “Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ.” (Ephesians 4: 15 NIV)

The problem is many live insulated lives. And those highest up in church leadership often live the most insulated.


So let’s break apart Paul’s antidote.

First, each of us need to be open to and put ourselves in relationships with other believers who will speak the truth to us. And as we go up in church leadership we need this even more. If we insulate ourselves we run the risk of going off course before we even know it.

Second, we need to speak. Sometimes we may see a family member or friend going the wrong way. Out of love we need to talk with them. And we need friends and family members who will help us as well.

Third though, we need to speak “truth” into their lives. Realize this isn’t “our truth” or opinion. This is God’s truth. This infers we actually need to know God’s truth and how it could apply to this situation before we speak.

Then fourth and most importantly, speak it in love. I’ve seen too many Christians blow others out of the water in the name of speaking the truth when in reality it was just an excuse to vent. We need to make sure it’s truly out of love. And make sure we speak in a loving way.


And the result?

We’ll help each other grow into people whose lives are filled with everything God promises. And each of us will grow in the characteristics of Jesus who was the most whole and effective person who ever lived.


Together we can grow strong in ways alone we never will.  {Tweet}


How have you experienced this growth through the love of good friends?