How to Know for Sure You’ll Live in Heaven

I’ve been going to way too many funerals lately. And terrifyingly the friends who’ve passed away are getting closer and closer to my age. I know, strange.

So I think about that subject more now than when I was say 20. Maybe has something to do with feeling like I’m on runaway skis heading for the trees and I can’t slow down.  And yes there is a story there but not today.


Photo Credit: Tony Fischer

Photo Credit: Tony Fischer


Anyway, I think most of us, when we’re quiet enough, think sometimes about what happens beyond this life. I mean I think you’d be crazy if you didn’t.

And I think we’d all like some sense of assurance about Heaven and if we’re going to live there.

Yet, we all deal with that issue in different ways don’t we?

Sometimes it’s easier to just fill life up so we never stop long enough to think about it. First thing in the morning check emails. Listen to the radio or podcasts while commuting. Busy at work all day. Immerse in TV at home. Non-stop weekends.

Yikes, no wonder we have more time saving devices today yet feel more stressed than any previous generation.
But I don’t think the gnawing ever completely goes away.


So what if we really could feel assured of Heaven? What difference would it make?


I’ll tell you for me what it does. Sure way too often I still question it all. But most of the time it gives me a way to step off the merry-go-round and savor life.

Jesus promised that assurance.

He said, “And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward.”*

He promises that if we’ve asked God to accept us. And if it’s taken hold in us at least enough that we begin to care about others. We know we’ve entered into that new life.


And what does that assurance look like?


He says we’ll be rewarded. Frankly, I like that. In this life and after. In other places he promises there really is a Heaven. And we can live with him and our loved ones there.

Also he says once we enter into that relationship we’ll never lose it. No more in and out juju. Jesus promised it can’t be taken away. So if anyone says otherwise just press delete.

The beauty of all that? We find peace in our hearts which sets us free to really live life now to the fullest. Even when it’s racing by like an out of control sled.


We truly can know for sure today that we will live in Heaven tomorrow.


How do you find that assurance?

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*Matthew 10:42 (NIV)