How to Live in a Relationship with the Miracle Working God

Frankly, if I wasn’t a believer I don’t think I’d ever go to church. Well actually, I don’t go real often now.

I mean most of it seems so powerless and detached. Why bother? I can only endure so much rote ritual and still call it fun.


Photo Credit: Ojie Paloma

Photo Credit: Ojie Paloma


So often what’s taught is deep theological thoughts about a God who set up this universe then got bored with it all so he retired. Oh and of course the minutia of correct doctrine also.

Which, by the way, I personally find absolutely fascinating. Yeah, not so much.

But when life hits the fan and we really need a God who’s there and isn’t on vacation we’re left with little confidence he’ll actually intercede.


Also we’re left with a brain packed with correct doctrine but little real power.


Yet, when I read the Bible I see a God who continually intercedes in the lives of his children.

He continually works what seem like miracles to us yet are child’s play for the one who created it all.

And he continually reaches out to draw people to himself. He wants to us live with him. Over and over he goes the extra mile to have a relationship with us.

Frankly, that’s one of my frustrations with religion, even Christian religion. It focuses too often on all the things we need to do to qualify for God’s love and blessings. And if that’s the standard, well, I’m toast.


Yet, Jesus came to show us that there’s nothing we can do to earn it. In fact all of the reaching out is coming from God’s side.


So like a little child we just need to accept it.

Kind of like when we’re a kid and we make some gift for our mom in school. You know like a plaster cast of our hand print. We carve our name in it and paint it red. And now because we’ve given this gift to Mom we’ve bought off her love. Yeah right.

You see that’s the point of what Jesus told a crowd of people about John the Baptist.

“This is the one about whom it is written: ‘I will send my messenger ahead of you, who will prepare your way before you.’”*

Jesus quotes a prophecy from several hundred years before.

In it I see a God who continues to reach out to us.

He wants so much to have a relationship with us that he not only sends his son but even a messenger to announce him so we wouldn’t miss it. Yeah, some of us are a little slow.


And he does it with miracles.


So tell me again, where does it say in the Bible he doesn’t do those anymore? Because I can’t find that in my version.

Pretty cool stuff to me. But then I’m easily impressed.


You can have a miracle working relationship with the God who continually reaches out to you.


How have you seen this to be true?

Please let me know in Facebook, Twitter or email me.  Blessings.


*Matthew 11:10 (NIV)