How to Live in Boldness When You’re Really Scared: (Part 3) When You Face the Impossible

We’ve talked about the power released in putting on boldness and how to build it.

But what about those times when you face the impossible?

You’ve prayed and worked and nothing has changed.  You’ve tried everything you know yet your mountain remains.




You’re feel scared, hopeless and helpless.  You’re riding shotgun in an out of control car careening down a canyon road with no brakes towards a washed out bridge.

I felt that way when the business I owned collapsed because of the economy and we faced bankruptcy.  One moment we were doing well.  The next we were careening towards disaster.


I’ll tell you I was really scared.  I felt helpless because I just simply had no idea what to do.


I laid awake many nights with sweat rolling off my body worrying about how we’d survive financially and how I would take care of my family.

I tried everything I knew to turn things around but nothing worked.  Detours blocked every road.  The economy was in the tank and we wouldn’t survive long enough to see its recovery even if it ever came.

I was out of ideas and felt trapped in a nightmare that I couldn’t wake up from.

Many days all that got me through was simply just resting in God’s promises that he would take care of us.  Remembering that he loved us and promised to provide for us no matter what.


Simply holding onto the hope that God knows the situation and he promises to guide us through it into his abundant life.


That’s it.  No super faith.  No twelve steps.  No marvelous insights.

Just resting in the love and grace of God to get us through.

David wrote, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Sometimes that’s all we can muster.  But it’s enough.


In those moments, though, I’ve discovered some incredible blessings as well.


First, you’ll see God work in his power in ways you may not see otherwise.

Often in our most desperate times we see God’s greatest miracles.  When we come to the end of ourselves we then can see God work most clearly.

David continues, “The Lord Almighty is with us.  He is my fortress.”


Second, we’ll sense God with us in a way we rarely do otherwise.

Paul writes, “Neither death nor life, the present or future, any power, heights or depths nor anything else in all of creation can separate us from God’s love.”

And I’ve found in the darkest times I’ve sensed his presence and heard his voice the clearest.


Third, he gives us his peace to help us overcome our worry.

He gives a supernatural peace that goes beyond our circumstances that flows out of our relationship with him.

Jesus, before his crucifixion and the disciples’ persecution, promised, “In me you will have peace though in this world you’ll have problems.  But take heart, I’ve overcome the world.”


Fourth, he promises sleep.

Sounds odd, I know, but sometimes the best medicine is sleep.  Often sleep, though, is the hardest thing to find isn’t it?

Yet, when we’re rested the challenges don’t seem nearly as big do they?

David writes, “In vain you get up early and stay up late stressing yourself out.  Yet, God gives sleep to those he loves.”


Fifth, he fills us with his courage and boldness again.

As we looked at before that boldness unleashes the power of God in our lives in an amazing way.

And God offers us that courage as a gift.  He makes up for ours when it’s insufficient.

Paul writes, “God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power and love and a strong mind.”

I love that he creates within us that power, love and courage.


Then he unleashes his amazing power in our lives through it.


*Psalms 46: 10; Psalms 46: 11; Romans 8: 38-39; John 16:33; Psalms 127: 2; 2 Timothy 1: 7

Photo Credit: Vern; Creative Commons