Learning to Enjoy Life’s Journey Every Day

Sunday morning I sat in our sunroom listening to soft music enjoying the summer colors of our back yard.

I read a book by C.S. Lewis, “A Grief Observed.”  Frankly it’s a tough slog.

He wrote it as a journal through the year following his wife’s death.  He’s transparent, hurting and questioning.  He didn’t write it for publication but to clarify his thoughts.

It’s short so I read it in one sitting to get from the depth of his struggle to his resolution.  Though difficult I found it enlightening.


Men laughing


Later I glanced at an email from the committee planning our fiftieth high school reunion.  Yeah I know.  When did that happen?  Only a couple of breaths ago we celebrated our 25th.


I paused and thought about how life races by.  And how I’ve no time to waste.


I’ve had a great life and not planning on departing Earth anytime soon.   But I also look back and realize I’ve wasted so many days.

Worrying about things that never occurred.

Wishing it was a day I was looking forward to instead of the one I was living.

Looking back with regret at a past day that I have no way to relive and frankly tried my best when I was living it.


I decided I don’t want to waste any more days.


I want each day to be filled with the love of those I sincerely love, my wife, kids and good friends.

Yesterday, our son who’s on military deployment, called on Face Time. He had lousy wifi so it sounded like he was talking from the bottom of a well and kept getting drenched with a bucket of water thrown on him.  We’ll try again soon.

In the early evening I talked with our daughter about sailing which I thoroughly enjoy and she’s learning.

Earlier I’d fixed brunch for Jennifer that we enjoyed together.  No I don’t cater.


Life doesn’t get any better.


See in addition I want my days filled with helping others to enjoy their lives.

I want to travel more and see this incredibly interesting world.

I want to spend more time with friends enjoying coffee or a glass of wine.

I want to live life to the fullest.  Not waste another minute.  I want to taste it all every day.


King David prayed, “Lord teach us to meditate on our days so we will gain wisdom.”


I’ve failed at this too often.  But also along the way I’ve discovered some things that work.


First, seriously, stop running for one moment and think about how brief this life is.

I remember my parents talking about this and thinking, “Aah, it goes on forever.”

Let me just say, “Mom and Dad, if you can hear me, you’ve rarely heard me say this but you were right.”


Second, treasure each day as a new gift from God. 

When you wake up thank him for giving you this particular day and the gifts it will bring.


Third, treasure today moment by moment.

I haven’t done this well.  I tend to race.  I drive fast because I like to arrive at destinations.  I’m trying to slow down and enjoy the journey a lot more.


Finally, rest in the fact this isn’t all there is. 

I don’t know really what Heaven will be like.  But I know if this life is this good Heaven will be even better.

I’ve found when I rest in that hope it takes some of the pressure off this life so I can enjoy it more fully.


I hope you have a great day today!


*Psalm 90: 12

Photo Credit: David Bergin; Creative Commons