How to Live with Boldness and Confidence in This Scary World

Our world is a scary place isn’t it?  Just turn on CNN as they breathlessly chatter 24 hours a day about the latest threat that may end planet earth as we know it.

Yet, frankly you don’t need to look around the world.  Just look around your city.  There are some areas you wouldn’t wander after dark.  Heck, I’m not sure I’d wander too many places after dark.

So, in a way, we have a choice.

Do we let fear overtake and squelch our lives?  Or do we live life in confidence and boldness the way it was meant?

David wrote, “I will fear no evil, because your rod and your staff comfort me.”

This from a man who spent years trying to keep from living a very short life due to his enemies.

See he didn’t fixate on the threat around him.  Instead he focused on God with him.

As a shepherd he’d carried a rod as a weapon for protection.  And he used his staff to guide and rescue his sheep.

He gives us a picture of how God does the same for us.

When you grasp that promise instead of fear you’re filled with comfort and confidence.

Then you can boldly live your life to the fullest.

Oh, and it helps to turn off CNN.


*Psalm 23:4