How to Make a Church Irrelevant

I believe most of us want spiritual connection.  We wonder at times about the spiritual and would like to connect with God if he’s real.

So perhaps we attend a church.  But what do we often find?

If the church is large we remain anonymous.  No one knows we attended or cares.

If the church is smaller we feel like we accidentally walked in on a wedding and we don’t know anyone.  People treat us courteously but they all know we don’t belong.

The worship service may be a slick production with light shows, videos and flawless performances but little spirituality.

Or ancient hymns sung like a funeral dirge led by a leader whose faced hasn’t crease upward in a decade.

Or in liturgy with responses everyone but me seems to know.

Then the pastor delivers the message, a slick 20 minute routine filled with a few tidbits of popular self help.

Or theological doctrine that only seminary students could plow through and think it’s fun.

And the preacher comes off like a talk show host complete with perfect hair, suit and smile.

Or someone who seems angry we bothered him by showing up.

Or just bored with it all and simply wants to get it over.

Frankly by the time people wade through that many say, “To hell with it.”

Yet, the yearning remains deep inside.

What would happen if instead we found a church with a group of people seeking to uncover and follow God’s wisdom free from all the doctrinal baggage?

Who simply loved and accepted each other as they are and made them feel like part of the family?

And worshipped God simply in a heartfelt way?

I wonder?

I was riveted when I read, “Through followers of Jesus like yourselves gathered in churches, this extraordinary plan of God is becoming known and talked about even among the angels!”  (Ephesians 3: 10 MSG)

Really?  Doesn’t seem familiar to me.


The church is meant to display God’s love and wisdom.  Does it?


Have you found a church that does?  What difference does it make?