How to Never See a Miracle

A friend told me the story of a bizarre interaction with a colleague.

This colleague, at times, had ridiculed him for his faith. My friend is pretty straight forward about what he believes but not the kind of person to evangelize in a professional setting.

One day this colleague agitatedly pulled my friend aside after a meeting. His son was sick in the hospital. The doctors had run tests and the results weren’t good. They told him there was little they could do and his son would probably die.

With despair in his voice he said to my friend, “You know I don’t believe in God but I’m desperate. Would you pray for my son?”

My friend responded, “Of course. I’ll pray for him to be healed completely.”

His colleague said, “You know if my son recovers I’ll have to rethink my whole perspective about God.”

Over the next couple of weeks my friend prayed diligently.

Amazingly the boy began to recover. The doctors were astonished. The father speechless.

Finally after the boy was released from the hospital his father talked with my friend. He said, “I just can’t explain it. But I still can’t believe in God. I guess we got lucky.”

I wonder if he’ll ever see another miracle?