How to Overcome the Fear of Creativity

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Every morning, as I write, I face the creative demons.


Photo Credit: Hans Splinter

Photo Credit: Hans Splinter


I enjoy writing and using my creativity to help others. I love the exploration it leads me into. I find it incredibly fulfilling.

But there’s a dark side also. Too often I worry, “What will I say? Will it be any good? Will it help anyone? How should I put it together? What if it falls flat?” And it can cause me to freeze.

So at times I’ve quit writing. Just too much agony. Yet, the gnawing remains so I always come back.

I’ve also tried to develop strict structures to plug information into. Kind of like a “paint by numbers” picture. And the result ended up about the same quality. Something only my mother would really love.

Sometimes I’ve just hung out until a fresh idea popped up. Waited for inspiration. And kept waiting and waiting.


I know I’m not alone in this. Everyone of us faces these demons with creativity.


Whether it’s in an art, teaching or starting a new business. It’s the fear of creativity.

But I’ve also learned a secret that helps me. Through the years I’ve learned to trust God to give me the right thoughts when I need them.

This doesn’t preclude doing the hard work. But rather doing my best and then trusting God will lead me in the specifics.

Yes, I still have an uncanny ability to mess it up. But more often than not I don’t.

It means listening for his leading. Tuning my mind to his promptings. Sensing his nudgings.

And then trusting in them and going where they lead me.

When editing or reviewing, I’ll have time to clean everything up. When writing, my job is to tune into the quiet voice.

Frankly, this post is a great example. I outlined where I thought it would go. Then I wrote and it came out very differently. Sure hope it works out.


I enjoy that I end up in some fascinating places I never would have planned. I love the adventure.


So I find riveting Jesus’ words to his disciples as he sends them out into ministry.


“And don’t worry about what you’ll say or how you’ll say it. The right words will be there; the Spirit of your Father will supply the words.” (Matthew 10: 19-20 MSG)


God’s still small voice truly will lead us when we’re listening.


When have you experienced this?

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