How to See God’s Miracle When You Need it Most

I’ve prayed and seen full up miracles.

But before you call, I’ve also prayed and watched things grow worse.

Why sometimes, when you need it most, does a miracle not show up?

Yet, other times it does?

Paul writes, “Does God give you his Spirit and work miracles because you follow his law or because you believe in his promises?”

See, I think sometimes, people don’t really expect God to work a miracle.  They pray but don’t actually expect to see God work miraculously.

Instead, Paul says, trust in what God promised.  Expect to see God fulfill it.  He promised, why would he not honor it?

On the other side, I think sometimes people expect too much.  They pray for and try to trust God to give them things he didn’t promise.

So instead read God’s word and see what he really did promise.  Then ask for that, but only that.  All your needs are covered but in God’s way.

Then look for God’s miracle.  It may be different than what you envisioned yet fulfills God’s promise.  And it can be just as miraculous in its own way.

Then you really will see God’s power and miracles.

Oh, and still don’t get your hopes up about me.  My track record at times has been spotty.


*Galatians 3:5