How to See Spiritual Super Power in Your Life

Do you ever listen to a preacher or read a spiritual blog and think, “Wow, I wish I had that kind of faith. I’d love to see that kind of power.”

Yeah, I do too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought, “Man, if I just had more faith. I could use a miracle right about now. What’s wrong with me?”

But the problem is at that point we can kind of give up. I mean I feel sometimes like the bar is set way too high and I can never clear it so why try.


Photo Credit:  Library & Archives Canada

Photo Credit: Library & Archives Canada


Kind of like elementary school when we did the high jump. It was not my strong suit. My legs just don’t spring. So when I lined up they’d say, “Lower the bar. Here he comes.” And they’d put it down so I could almost hop over it.


Yet, when we stop expecting God to act in our lives we stop seeing him act.


Oh, he’s still blessing us but we aren’t looking for miracles so we don’t see them.

Well, for people like me Jesus sets the bar really low for seeing his blessings. Pretty much I can stumble and fall over it.

He said, “Whoever welcomes God’s messenger because he is God’s messenger, will share in his reward. And whoever welcomes a good man because he is good, will share in his reward.”*

He says I don’t have to be God’s special messenger I just need to accept what he says. And I don’t have to be that perfect. I just need to desire it.

Frankly, if the bar was any lower I’d trip on it.


But amazingly look at what we receive.


We’ll share in all the blessings of God’s specially chosen messengers that we secretly perhaps envy just a little. We’ll have God’s guidance. We’ll gain his insights. We’ll hear his still quiet voice in our hearts and minds.

And we’ll see his power. His miracles helping us with our problems and overcoming our challenges.

Then second he says we’ll receive all the blessings of a person who really has it all together spiritually. You know like some of those people who kind of irritate us because they’re so together? I don’t even need to have it all together which frankly is good news.

Yet, we get all the blessings like being sure of where we’ll spend eternity. Being blessed right now. Finding inner peace and joy. Enjoying satisfying relationships. Feeling respected and good about ourselves.

Wow, pretty incredible. And all simply because we accept it. All because we have enough ability to stumble and fall over the bar.


We can experience all of God’s blessings and power simply as we receive it.


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*Matthew 10:41 (GNT)