How to See the Miraculous

In the previous post we looked at some keys to keep our prayers from being answered. I know pretty inspirational.

The point is Jesus worked miracles and told us we could see the same. Yet, somehow we get disconnected.

Oh, occasionally we might glimpse something that looks suspiciously like a miracle but most of the time we just hope for some answer at all.

And frankly, then telling others about our religion is about as exciting as describing how your baby worked in his first tooth. You probably just had to be there.

So what gives?

This passage continues on the thought of the previous one.

Paul writes, “To him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” (Ephesians 3: 21 NIV)

I believe to see our prayers recognizably answered we need to focus differently.

First, pray for what will glorify God. Do we really pray for anything that would?

God promises to bless our lives but he’s not a genie in a bottle. Sometimes we get the lord and follower roles confused.

Second, pray for any need but pray according to what God has actually promised in his word. Not just our whims.

Third, that means we might actually need to read his word so we know what to pray for. I know I’m butting into TV time now. But really how will we know if we don’t at least read it?

Fourth, then pray expecting an answer. But believe he’ll answer exactly how he promised.

Fifth, look for God’s answers. But realize they might surprise you. Be open to the adventure.

And you know what? I think we’ll see a whole lot more answers. I mean why wouldn’t we?

Oh and next time someone says, “Those promises and miracles were for a different time” call foul. The last part of this verse says they apply to all generations and forever. That’s you and me.

We can see the miraculous when we follow the plan for the miraculous.

What have you discovered opens up the miraculous?