How to Tune Into God’s Leading

After two years of continuously writing this blog I was spent. I was running on empty. I struggled to keep posting.

So I decided to step back for a while. Listen to my heart and try to find God’s leading.

Instead of writing I prayed and asked questions.

Is this really where God wants me?

Is this the most productive use of my time?

Do I still feel called?

Is there a more effective way?

Then I wrote, not to my readers but to myself.

Day after day I jotted down answers and additional questions. I listened to my inner nudgings and researched.

A couple of times I got antsy and wanted to start writing the blog again. But I knew I just wasn’t ready.

Frankly, I don’t like delay. I’m a type A personality so waiting isn’t exactly my strong suit.

Seven weeks went by, wow. Yet, I felt God’s leading and sensed his presence. Frankly, it was a pretty cool time.

I experienced what Jesus hinted, “Blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear.”*

When we stop to look we’ll see and when we choose to listen we’ll hear.

Though, to be honest, sometimes I still have trouble remembering that.


*Matthew 13: 16 (NIV)