Insights When Life Grows Confusing

Number 22 in the series “God Rocks: 101 Amazing Everyday Gifts!” Stories and promises of the awesome blessings God gives us each day. I hope it encourages you today!


I find life can be really confusing at times. Challenges blind side us without warning.


Photo Credit:  Henry Burrows

Photo Credit: Henry Burrows


Relationships explode suddenly sometimes with little advance notice or possibility of reconciliation.

Surprise health issues hit us and continue to spiral down.

Economic setbacks slam us and leave us struggling to stay ahead.


Suddenly we’re reeling from the blow. We feel confused, angry and depressed as we think about our situation.


I think part of the problem today also which adds to this is we all live somewhat isolated lives. So we lack the support networks of previous generations.

Often our extended family is absent or at a distance. We tend to not join support organizations as people once did.

So when we’re faced with those challenges we can feel really alone. We don’t have the support and collective wisdom from others. And that can feel daunting and overwhelming.

That’s why I find Jesus’ words so comforting.


“Seek and you will find. . . . He who seeks finds.” (Matthew 7: 7-8 NIV)


Jesus says when you face those confusing overwhelming issues to simply seek God in the midst for the answers you need. That’s pretty much it.

Then he promises we will find. But find what?


I can tell you what I’ve found.


Sometimes just enough wisdom to go one more step when everything seems so dark. Even that step can seem huge yet make all the difference.

Answers to my questions when there just seems to be none. And sometimes just the courage to even ask.

At times surprising insights into the problem which helps in understanding the solutions. Often the first step to solving the challenge is simply understanding what caused it.

A sense of God’s presence with me in the midst of the struggle. When I’ve felt all alone and the full weight crushing me it’s nice to realize I’m not in it by myself.

Then the cloud of depression and despair begins to lift. And that frees me just to move forward a step. Because when I’m caught in the grip of despair I become paralyzed. When it lifts I can take positive actions again.


Life grows confusing at times but it’s comforting to realize there’s one who knows the end from the beginning. {Tweet This}


When has God shown you surprising directions in the midst of a confusing challenge?