Launching the Amazing Life

I was sitting next to an acquaintance at a banquet when the conversation weirdly drifted onto spiritual topics. In response he said, “I’d like to get together for dinner sometime. In college I made a choice to become an atheist and I love to debate religion.”

I have other “friends” on Facebook who write what I call “drive-by shooting” posts about religion from their atheist viewpoint.


None of these are really interested in discussing. They’re only interested in arguing.

And frankly I don’t have the time or desire.

I’ve also observed that often those same ones carry a real anger that leaves them restless and unhappy. Sometimes they may even be successful by the world’s standards but there’s a hole deep inside.

Paul writes, “Their minds are full of darkness; they wander far from the life God gives because they have closed their minds and hardened their hearts against him.” (Ephesians 4: 18 NLT)

Reversing Paul’s statement we see that the only way to find that light and life God planned for us is not through understanding it all but simply having an openness to enter it.

Freely admitting you don’t have all the answers or even much faith.


But being open to God’s existence and wanting to live in a relationship with him.


And then two things happen.


First, our minds are filled with light.

All the old garbage of lust, fear, anger, hate, shame, guilt and every other negative thought begins to be replaced.


Where there was lust now grows love.

Where there was shame we discover acceptance.

Where there was guilt we’re comforted by forgiveness.

Where there was confusion we find guidance.

Where there was darkness we’re surprised by light.


And second we launch into the amazing life God has promised.


A life of love, happiness, success, fruitfulness and significance.

A life filled with all the fullness we have only dreamed of.

A life filled with God’s presence in a way we could never imagine.

A life filled with joy and peace that goes beyond our understanding.

A life guided by God in ways we can never understand.

A life that begins now and continues for all eternity.


The life God planned for us from the beginning and promises to us each day.


Life and light or despair and darkness? We choose.  {Tweet}


How has choosing to live in that God given life made the difference for you?