Living Your Legacy

I was talking with a friend at a wedding who I hadn’t seen in years. I asked about her kids and she said her son was working at their church as the janitor.

Then she said almost defensively, “But he has great benefits.”

I responded, “That’s great.” But thought, “What a shame.”

Not because the job isn’t worthwhile but because from her comment I could tell that her son has potential for other things but settled for the benefits.

How often do we take a job just for the benefits? Then wake up 30 years later and think, “What happened to my dreams?”

Yet, this isn’t how God designed our lives. He designed each of us for a unique and amazing life. A life that leaves a legacy of greatness.

But what happens?

I think we lose focus.

Paul writes, “But that doesn’t mean you should all look and speak and act the same. Out of the generosity of Christ, each of us is given his own gift.” (Ephesians 4: 7 MSG)

So what do we focus on that can change the outcome of our lives?

First, each of us have gifts. Not just the super saints and super stars. You and me, the ordinary folks, have gifts too.

So accept that you’re uniquely gifted and have a destiny to fulfill.

Second, each of us are given those gifts. Remember the “gifted” kids in school that were smarter than everyone else. Guess what? You’re a gifted person because God put gifts within you.

So don’t ever feel worthless again. You’ve been given amazing gifts also.

Third, we’re given those gifts by God’s grace. We can’t earn them. We don’t qualify for them. We just have confidence we have them and use them.

So never again tell yourself you aren’t worthy. In Jesus you absolutely are because he makes you worthy and delights in giving you those gifts.

Fourth, Jesus distributes those gifts exactly how he wants to. He created you uniquely. And he gave you exactly the gifts you need for the life he calls you to.

There’s never been another person exactly like you and never will be. So focus on that specialness so you can live it.

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How has focusing on your giftedness helped unleash your amazing life?