Miraculous Answers to Our Most Vexing Challenges

“The riches of God’s grace that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding.”  (Ephesians 1: 7-8 NIV)


I don’t know what you’re facing today.  A career from hell that’s imploding.  A marriage self destructing.  Your health collapsing.  Depression engulfing.  Debt overwhelming

Seemingly impossible challenges with no answers.

You’ve tried everything.  You’ve searched.  You’ve asked others.  You’ve read books.

But the answers don’t come.  No daylight in the tunnel.  And now you’re out of ideas and running out of time.

I wish I could give you simple three step fail proof formula.  But if it exists I haven’t found it.

What I do know is when I’ve hit those kinds of places I’ve learned to expect God’s guidance.  And you know what?  It comes.

Sometimes through the oddest of coincidences.  Or the most unlikely sources.  But it happens.

God has unlimited riches that he wants to lavish on us.  Give to us not sparingly but extravagantly.

And he gives us the wisdom and understanding we need to unlock those treasures.

Wisdom, the general principles of how to live successfully.  How to live positive, effective and blessed lives.

But he also gives us something more, understanding. Miraculous insights to our challenges.  The next step we need to take.  The one key that begins unlocking the challenge.

He promises to guide each of us individually to the answers we need for the problems we face.

Now that’s amazing!


When have you experienced God’s specific leading in a challenge you faced?