My Medical Miracle: Questions Without Answers

A year ago I suddenly began having mysterious heart issues.  I’ve always worked out regularly and had a resting heart rate in the 50’s, strong EKG’s and good blood pressure.


Photo by Laura4Smith

Photo by Laura4Smith


One evening after dinner, I was sitting in our living room, reading a book when my heart started racing and skipping beats.  I felt like butterflies were racing in my chest.  My pulse thumped double time, then skipped beats all helter-skelter.  I stood up and felt faint and weak.  No heart attack symptoms just weird.

After a couple of hours it subsided.  I thought literally, “What the hell was that?”  I figured it was a strange, one-off occurrence and really didn’t think much more about it.

Then two weeks later it happened again.  Same time same symptoms.

I talked with my brother on the phone the next day since he’d been having irregular heart beat issues.  I asked, “What are your symptoms?”  He explained them.

I thought, “Maybe that’s it.  But what’s causing it?”


I began researching the triggers.  Nothing made sense.


Meanwhile, the episodes continued periodically over the next few months.

Everything I read said if the episodes last less than a couple of hours it’s ok.

I decided not to start on a regimen of prescription drugs to treat the symptoms.  I wanted to discover the cause and get back to healthy living naturally the way God intended.  But it would get worse.


We all want health.  A lot of us want it without effort though. 


We live in the most medically advanced society in history and yet have epidemics of health issues.

We have more information today about good health yet the majority of adults over 40 are on permanent prescription medication.  And most of those have serious side effects which create additional health issues.

What’s gone wrong?  Where have the wheels come off?

I believe God wants us to be healthy.  I believe that other than some genetic illnesses or acute injuries we’re created to live a healthy robust life naturally without prescription medications.

For most of us, he created our bodies perfectly.  Yeah, I know it doesn’t look like it in the mirror but health wise I believe it’s true.

And I believe the most important thing we can do for our health is when we’re ill to look for the natural cause and solution.  Start there and go to the doctor, who will more than likely give you a prescription, only as a last resort.  Of course if you have a medical emergency seek help immediately.  But most of our health issues don’t fall into that category.


So what happens when we shift our focus?


We start looking for the natural causes of the underlying issues.

We stop relying on some miracle drug and start looking for how to unleash the health that God created in us.

We tune into God’s leading as we pray for healing and try to sense his directions.

And it unleashes a different kind of journey in sickness.  Instead of being a passive victim we become an active participant in discovering our healing.


James says, “Prayer, offered in faith, will cause a sick person to regain their health.” (James 5:15)


Prayer first rather than a prescription is the most effective healing solution.


But how do we do this?  We’ll discuss that next.


What is your attitude toward health?  Can we really be healthy apart from all the drugs?


If this post encouraged you I hope you will encourage a friend with it.  Blessings!